Due to the fundamental role that nutraceutical conveyor lines play in packaging operations, the design and integration of these systems require expert coordination. When you are handling primary products, containers, cartons, cases, or full shipping pallets in your facility, you want to ensure the nutraceutical conveyor lines perform at optimal efficiency while moving products between processing stages at all times. 

Rotating Equipment Homepage 2The successful execution of a nutraceutical conveyor line design and integration project will depend on a myriad of factors. From evaluating the technologies and selecting the right OEMs to managing the interfaces with nutraceutical packaging equipment and ensuring compliance with current FDA regulations, overlooking any detail can compromise the success of the project. Then you’ll want to consider the potential evolution of the packaging operation and how the equipment can keep up with your growing and changing needs.

Nutra-Pack Systems help brands to simplify the entire lifecycle with experienced engineers and resources, established industry relationships, and by providing a single point of contact for all project activities. If your brand is in the process of establishing a new nutraceutical conveyor system or planning an upgrade of your existing solutions, here’s why you should select a single integrator for the entire project’s scope.


Reduce the Complexity of a Nutraceutical Conveyor Line Design and Integration Project with One Integrator

For most brands, having control over their manufacturing and packaging processes can reduce bottlenecks in the supply chain and increase production rates. However, realizing the benefits of the project will depend on understanding all of the requirements and overcoming the design constraints inherent in a nutraceutical conveyor system. 


Some of the main design constraints to consider will include:

  • Facility layout: Making the most efficient use of space within the facility will require knowledge of the latest technologies and equipment capabilities
  • Production requirements: The speed and capacity of the different conveyors should match your current and future production requirements
  • Cleaning and sanitation: To avoid cross-contamination and maintain product quality, the conveyor design may need to withstand harsh sanitation regimes
  • Future expansion: The formats and demand forecasts may change in the future and the conveyor line design should accommodate these requirements (where possible)
  • Operator safety and access: Where manual processes are required, the system should include an open and accessible design that doesn’t compromise operator safety


By designing the conveyor line for cleanliness, you can mitigate the risk of cross-contamination adulterating products, and allergens from entering the packaging process.

example of 150bpm gummies packaging line

example of 60bpm powder packaging line



Why Working with One Vendor Helps Overcome These Project Pitfalls

Solid Dose CircleUnderstanding all of the requirements is essential to ensure the delivery of the project on time, within budget, and according to the necessary standards. Nutra-Pack Systems will coordinate with all the project stakeholders, including the equipment vendors to ensure the project’s success. 

Our resources have the experience to define all the requirements and plan the project for seamless execution. As your packaging equipment and process will dictate the nutraceutical conveyor line’s design, we will work with you to find an integrated solution for transporting and packaging products that can accommodate your current and future goals. 


Secure Your Brand’s Future with Nutraceutical Conveyors and Packaging Lines from Nutra-Pack Systems

Having operational control over your nutraceutical packaging solutions is the best way to ensure the health and well-being of your brand. To secure your success, Nutra-Pack Systems will deploy all of our expertise and industry connections to help streamline the project from initial consultation to final acceptance testing, operator training, and system handover. With us as your single vendor, you remain in control without having to navigate the complexity of OEM selection, technology evaluation, or project coordination, scheduling, and execution. 

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Nutra-Pack Systems provides packaging equipment and complete integrated packaging lines specifically for the nutraceutical industry. We ensure optimal turnkey packaging solutions with strategic OEM partners and application experience.

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