For nutraceutical brands, now is the ideal time to revisit your growth strategy. Consumer demand for supplements and nutraceutical products continues to rise, with the global market expected to grow by more than 9% year over year until 2027. Brands that want to capitalize on this growth will have to consider what nutraceutical packaging equipment can support their required production capacities - now and in the future. 

Powder Filling CircleFor starters, brands may want to reap the benefits of bringing packaging lines in-house, instead of depending on contract packaging companies. Ensuring you have the required inventory levels and avoiding any shipping delays should be your first priority. Secondly, you want to stay ahead of consumer sentiments, which include a growing trend for sustainable nutraceutical packaging substrates, different sizes, and labels that simplify consumer decision-making. 

By taking proactive steps now, you can set up your nutraceutical brand with integrated packaging solutions to scale your internal operations and keep up with increased consumer demand. If you want to control your brand’s destiny, consider the following options as part of your growth strategy. 


Forecasting for Success: Choosing Nutraceutical Packaging Equipment to Support a Scalable Roadmap

To maintain the profitability of your brand, your nutraceutical production and packaging operations have to evolve along with market demands and consumer sentiments. The aim of developing a scalable roadmap is to:

  • Solve an existing problem in less time
  • Avoid larger problems down the line like bottlenecks
  • Gather information from current operations
  • Use process data to facilitate value-added changes

There is a definitive link between ensuring the scalability of your nutraceutical packaging operation and the equipment you select. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), the total cost of ownership (TCO), and other process metrics such as yield and scrap rates will dictate what solutions should form part of your packaging roadmap.

Nutra-Pack Systems can assist you with developing a scalable roadmap for your nutraceutical packaging lines, ensuring you remain in control of the throughput, cost, and quality of your products to match current and future economic climates. Here are three of the characteristics to look for in your nutraceutical packaging equipment if you want to future-proof your brand. 


1 Production Speed and Capacity

The sizing of your packaging equipment should include considerations for increasing the speed and capacity of your packaging lines as required. When selecting nutraceutical packaging machines, many companies will size the equipment to handle at least 20% more than their current demand requires. 

Co-packers and contract packaging companies may not be able to accommodate any changes in your forecasts, either for increased production requirements or for a decrease in consumer demand. If your equipment is in house, any piece of equipment that is critical to your operation (such as cappers, fillers, and blister thermoformers) should be able to increase its production capacity to handle any changes in demand.

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2 Flexibility for Expansion

Flexibility and the ability to expand operations are the next considerations when choosing your nutraceutical packaging equipment. You want the line to be productive, but you may have to introduce changes to the process in the future without suffering from extended downtimes. 

The easier it is to swap out equipment (or change something simple like the label of a product) without affecting upstream or downstream operations, the more future-proof your packaging operation will be. A "modular" approach to nutraceutical packaging equipment gives you the flexibility to adjust your process without having to retrofit the entire line. 


3 System Layout and Available Space

Palletizer CircleThe footprint of the nutraceutical packaging line determines the production capacity of the facility. This consideration should cover everything from the bulk product feeders (or conveyors) to the different palletizers, bundling systems, and vision inspection solutions. 

Interfaces between these nutraceutical material-handling machines are also of vital concern.  For example, coders and vision systems can ensure you print the quality-related information automatically on your products, without having to manually input or inspect the data on your products to ensure accuracy. 


Grow Your Nutraceutical Brand with Future Proof Packaging Lines from Nutra-Pack Systems

Nutraceutical brands have to take control over their packaging lines if they want to grow along with consumer demand. Modern nutraceutical packaging equipment provides you with a host of capabilities, putting you in charge of your brand’s destiny. Nutra-Pack Systems has the industry expertise, vendor relationships, and project execution skills to assist any brand that needs to expand operations, reduce production costs, and streamline all packaging operations for increased profitability. 

To discuss your nutraceutical packaging equipment needs with a team of experts, reach out to Nutra-Pack Systems today.


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