Fully automated Case Packers come in a variety of styles and from many different Nutra-Pack suppliers. Top load vision-guided robotic case packers are commonly utilized where flexible packages are individually or group picked from a feed belt and placed into a case. Rigid products, often utilize more conventional side load or wrap-around case packers.

Case Packing - Rotating - Final


Automated case packers are a major investment. However, they often have the largest overall reduction impact on production costs.  A single case packer often replaces 2 to 4 manual operators on the line. Each application is unique and therefore requires experienced engineering personnel to select the optimal equipment and properly integrate into your packaging line. We offer this experience. 

  • Typical single case packer rates from 10 to 24 cases per minute
  • Mechanical product pattern formers at infeed as needed
  • Adjustable case handling for a variety of size changes in width, length, and height
  • Full Category 3 Safety implementation
  • Quick changeover with centerlining dials, scales, and indicators


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