Powder Fillers are offered in a variety of styles including auger(s), net weigh, and rotary. These types of fillers can dispense free flowing granular powders to non-free flowing powder like substances. The type of filler chosen depends on the powder and throughput rate. Check out our Spee-Dee partner page for more information.

Powder Filler - Rotating - Final



The servo direct drive design reduces maintenance, downtime and spare parts. Accurately dispense and weigh costly dry products to avoid giveaway.

  • Designed for varying powders/products
  • Single and dual head augers based on fill rate
  • High-speed rotary fillers for faster line rates
  • Net weigh fillers for accurately fill costly dry products by weight; not volume
  • Reduces product giveaway
  • Maintains accurate and consistent fill weights
  • Powder microdosing
  • Washdown rated
  • Suitable for low to high-speed production rates


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